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Website: http://www.ironknightsband.com/

Iron Knights is the band formerly known as Stuka Squadron - a London based Heavy Metal band formed in 2008.  Due to unavoidable circumstances, the band have changed their name to IRON KNIGHTS.

Under their previous band name, Iron Knights marched across the UK several times over and played their debut shows in Germany and Czech Republic. Iron Knights will continue to tour and promote their new album ‘New Sound Of War’, released 26 November 2012. 

The band’s live Missions attract increasing numbers of enthusiastic and loyal Legions of Squadroneers and Iron Knights are busy preparing for further live work.  The first confirmed date for 2013 is at Hammerfest V.


Duke Fang Begley


Gravedigger Cox


Baron von Hammerstein


Bomber Beam


Count Carlos Montoya el Foxico


 We care as much for human whims and politics as much as any predator cares for its prey’s faiths and beliefs. We dine on the fears of the mortal man, his horror so thick we drink it like the blood taken from his body. But even Vampires can fall. Where once we numbered many, now we are but five. So we continue to this day, embracing an age in which the world has witnessed carnage and conflict for unbroken decades. We are the Iron Knights





Website: http://www.lordvolture.com

LORD VOLTURE is a heavy metal band hailing from The Netherlands founded by vocalist David Marcelis. After an explosive take-off in 2010 with the release of their debut album BEAST OF THUNDER and an intensive touring schedule, the band rapidly rises to find themselves in the frontier of Dutch Heavy Metal. The album thunders through the global metal community and reviewers worldwide count BEAST OF THUNDER among the major releases of 2010 (10/12 Ancient Spirit, 88/100 Digital Steel, 85/100 Mario’s Metal Mania, 4/5 Maximum Metal, 9/10 Maxirock, 8.5/10 Metal District, 4/5 Metal Rules, 86/100 Metal To Infinity, 87/100 Metalfan, 5/7 Mindview, 8/10 My Global Mind, 80/100 Zware Metalen, 95/100 Steel and Fire Records). LORD VOLTURE’s sound and style is said to resemble US power metal masters JAG PANZER, ICED EARTH, CAGE and VICIOUS RUMORS. The band’s ever growing reputation opens doors to many headline performances, as well as support shows for PRIMAL FEAR, FIREWIND, BLAZE BAYLEY, VANDERBUYST, James Rivera’s SABBATH JUDAS SABBATH, TOKYO BLADE and PICTURE.


With the release of the band’s second studio album NEVER CRY WOLF in November 2011 LORD VOLTURE progresses to the next level without abandoning their traditional sound nor the uncompromising energy that characterizes the debut album. Containing upbeat thrash tracks, eloquent epics as well as catchy rockers the new album is even more dynamic in nature and yet again, the reviews speak for themselves (10/10 Planetmosh, 10/10 Sweden Metal, 88/100 Lords Of Metal, 9/10 Metal Express Radio, 92/100 Metalfan, 8/10 Metalize.me, 91/100 Metal To Infinity, 8.5/10 Metal1.info, 8.5/10 PowerMetal.de, 9/10 Terrorverlag). The tradition to invite a renown guest set on BEAST OF THUNDER with ANNIHILATOR’s Jeff Waters is being continued on NEVER CRY WOLF with no one less than CAGE singer Sean Peck. But also the LORD VOLTURE members themselves show their worth. The piercing mid and high register of singer David, the shredding solos of guitar duo Paul Marcelis/Leon Hermans and the pounding rhythm machine of bass player Simon Geurts and drummer Frank Wintermans deliver all ingredients for the ultimate metal sound. For all who bear a heart of steel, LORD VOLTURE is a definite MUST!

Website: http://www.rebellion-metal.de/

Rebellion was founded in 2001 by Tomi Göttlich (bass) and Uwe Lulis (guitar) after their split from Grave Digger. The band´s debut album „Shakespeare's Macbeth - A Tragedy in Steel“ was released in 2002. It wove Metal hymns and passages from Shakespeare's original text impressively into one another, so that it received outstanding reviews and even today enjoys cult status. A headliner tour and a tour as support for Running Wild followed as well as some festival shows, among others the Wacken open air. „Born a Rebel“, the Band´s second album, was published in 2003, it shows a rough and groovy face of the band. This release was again followed by a headliner tour, a tour as support for UDO and some festival shows (such as the Metal Daze in Spain). The band´s third album „Sagas of Iceland - The History of The Vikings volume I“ was released in 2005. “Sagas …” is the first part of the historically investigated and opulently arranged trilogy about the history of the Vikings. It is a brilliant and powerful Metal album as are the two following albums „Miklagard - The History of The Vikings volume II “(2007) and „Arise: From Ginnungagap to Ragnarök - The History of The Vikings volume III “(2009) which completed the trilogy. This trilogy won the band a solid reputation as masters of historical concept albums and received outstanding reviews (“Arise …” made it into Rock Hard´s “10 times Dynamite”). The first two albums of the trilogy were again followed by headliner tours taking the band beyond Germany into Switzerland, France, Belgium and the Netherlands and various festival shows. In 2008 Uwe Lulis had a motorcycle accident and was injured so badly that the band had to take a break of a year. In 2009 Uwe still suffered from the accident and thus there were very few shows which were played with Uwe sitting on stage. At the end of 2010 Uwe Lulis consequently left Rebellion. Gerd Lücking (drums) and Simone Wenzel (guitar) decided thereupon likewise in order to concentrate on other musical projects. It seemed as if the band had come to an end but encouraged by numerous fan comments Tomi Göttlich (bass) and Michael Seifert (vocals) decided in the beginning of 2011 to let Rebellion live on. Oliver Geibig (guitar), Stephan Karut (guitar) and Matthias Karle (drums) filled the gaps. The new Rebellion are a band of friends who have known and jammed with each other for many years and who are very determined to lead the band onwards. In October 2011 Rebellion played their first show with the new members. The Band was frenetically celebrated by their fans, many of whom had travelled long distances (Ireland, France, Netherlands) to witness the first show of the new line up. A new historical concept album, entitled "Arminius - Furor Teutonicus", will be released via Massacre Records on October 26th 2012.

Website: http://www.bloodfiredeath.de/

BATHORY- Sinnbild und Pioniere des Black Metal,

Wegbereiter des Viking Metal! Kaum eine andere Band

hat die Metalszene derart maßgeblich beeinflusst wie dieses

Ein-Mann-Projekt von Thomas „Quorthon“ Forsberg,

der leider 2004 zu früh von uns gegangen ist.

Ohne auch nur ein einziges Mal live aufzutreten

hat er es doch geschafft gleich zwei Musikstile zu erschaffen.

Die ersten selbst produzierten Platten stellten den Beginn

des Black Metal dar, später besann er sich auf seine Wurzeln

und verarbeitete den Mythos um die nordischen Götter

und Wikinger, was sich in atmosphärischer, eher doomiger

Musik wiederspiegelte.

Der sogenannte Viking Metal war erschaffen!

Auf genau diese Phase legen die Jungs von BLOOD FIRE DEATH

ihr Hauptaugenmerk, mit fetten Keyboardsounds,

akkustischen Gitarren und Chorgesängen

werden die Werke BATHORY´S originalgetreu zelebriert.
Wer die ganzen Hymnen aus den „Hammerheart“,

“Twilight of the gods“ oder „Blood on ice“- Scheiben

live erleben will darf sich einen „Evening with Bathory“

nicht entgehen lassen! Also Helme auf, Trinkhörner gefüllt und auf in die Schlacht!

  In Memory of Quorthon:

R.I.P. 1966 ~ 2004 

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Jutta.Weinhold.Musik

Nachdem Weinhold in den späten 1960er Jahren bereits in Amateurbands gesungen hatte, wurde sie für die Musicals Hair und Jesus Christ Superstar engagiert. Es folgten Auftritte bei Amon Düül II und Udo Lindenberg. Bereits 1974 trat sie in Disco mit dem Lied Cadillac auf. Im Dunstkreis der Hamburger Rockszene veröffentlichte sie unter ihrem Namen 1976 die LP "Coming", der 1978 das Album "Jutta Weinhold" folgte. Nachdem sie 1982 mit der Formation Breslau das deutschsprachige Album „Volksmusik“ veröffentlicht hatte, geriet sie aufgrund der zumindest missverständlichen Namensgebung und der provokanten Texte in den unbegründeten Verdacht der Sympathie für rechtes Gedankengut. 1985 gründete sie die Band Zed Yago mit deren Konzeptalben sie das Genre des Dramatic Metal mitbegründete. Die Zed Yago Story basiert auf den Erlebnissen der fiktiven Tochter des fliegenden Holländers. Wegen eines Rechtsstreites um den Bandnamen wurde dieses Konzept später unter den Namen Velvet Viper und Weinhold fortgeführt, ohne an den Erfolg von Zed Yago aus den späten 1980er Jahren anknüpfen zu können. Neben diesen Projekten, die Heavy Metal mit Elementen der Klassik verbinden, ist Jutta Weinhold eine gefragte Session-und Studiomusikerin. Ihre ausdrucksstarke und kräftige Stimme eignet sich neben Rock auch für Blues und Gospel. Aufgrund ihrer Texte und der dramatischen Komponenten in ihrer Musik wird Jutta Weinhold auch als die weibliche Version von Ronnie James Dio bezeichnet.

Website: http://www.invadermetal.com/

No words needed! Check this:


Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shadow-Keep/60615102534

2013 line-up


  • Rogue Marechal – vocals (1999–2002 / 2012–present)

  • Chris Allen – guitar (1999–present)

  • Nikki Robson – guitar (1999–present)

  • Stony Grantham – bass guitar (2004–present)

Shadowkeep were formed in 1999 by guitarists Chris Allen and Nikki Robson in a climate where real metal was almost non existent. In October of that year, together with Belgian vocalist Rogue M, the band entered Thin Ice Studios to record a six-track EP produced by Threshold guitarist Karl Groom, featuring the opus 'Dark Tower’. The self-financed EP was reviewed by Heavy Oder Was Magazine and ‘Dark Tower’ became the opening track on their ‘Metal Crusade’ CD for unsigned bands. Quickly after, the song came to the attention of Limb Music Productions (LMP), who offered ShadowKeep a record deal in June 2000. Two full-length studio albums (‘Corruption within’ and ‘A chaos theory’) followed to critical acclaim. From the onset, accolades abound for ShadowKeep’s timeless brand of highly melodic power metal, featuring Nikki and Chris’s intricate guitar wizardry and complemented by Groom’s ever dynamic production. On stage, the band soon started playing support shows for Ronnie James Dio, Halford, Symphony X, Dream Evil and Flotsam and Jetsam. As energetic as their club shows were their appearances at festivals, including Bloodstock in the UK, Headbangers Open Air and Bang Your Head in Germany, Holland’s progpower fest Headway and Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles in the US. ShadowKeep were clearly on a winning streak, until line-up changes stopped the band in mid-flight. Vocalist Rogue went, American Ronnie Stixx (Divine Ruins/Vicious Rumors) came in. Despite the line-up in flux, the band soldiered on. A 3-track promo was recorded with Ronnie on vocals. On the road in North-America, considerable success wasn’t the only thing that the Brits took with them: Texan bassist Stony Grantham became a permanent band member. After a short tour on the European continent, however, ShadowKeep again found themselves without a singer.Intent on overcoming any setback that might hit them, ShadowKeep started pre-production on the third studio album, once again with Karl Groom at Thin Ice Studios. During this period, that produced some of Nikki and Chris’s most creative songwriting to date, the band recruited former Tygers of Pan Tang frontman (and ex-Angel Witch bassist) Richie Wicks on vocals. As the new opus ‘The hourglass effect’ was nearing completion, Chris had to undergo major surgery and, at the infamous eleventh hour, new drummer Omar Hayes came in. With Chris recovering, a new recording deal with Dutch metal label Melissa Records materialized. So finally, after a prolonged hiatus that has not diminished any of ShadowKeep’s spirit, things are looking up. ‘The Hourglass Effect’ is set for a release in late 2008. The album’s dark science fiction concept and lyrics are courtesy of vocalist Richie Wicks, who proves himself a double asset for Britain’s finest force in power metal. ‘The hourglass effect’ epitomizes quality metal that transcends time and trends. With its concise songwriting, soaring vocals and grand production, this album indeed has all the trademarks of a classic. The band have outdone themselves in every department, which, considering the frustrating years that went before, marks an accomplishment in itself. ShadowKeep are back – with a vengeance.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/IN-AEVUM-AGERE/35718522561

Die italienische Band In AEVUM AGERE wurde als Ein-Mann-Band von Musiker Bruno Masulli (ANNIHILATIONMANCER, POWER BEYOND) Anfang der 2000er-Jahre gegründet. Die erste Demo-CD "From the Depth of Soul" wurde 2007 veröffentlicht und wurde begeistert von den internationalen Underground-Magazinen und -Webzines aufgenommen. Außerdem war es Demo des Monats beim "Heavy"-Magazin und "Rock Hard" Top-Demo und bekam tolle Reviews im Rest von Europa und in Amerika. Ein Song von diesem Demo war Teil der "Metal Crusade XVI"-Compilation-CD. Bruno engagierte darauf dann Live-Session-Musiker für Konzerte. 2009 spielten IN AEVUM AGERE beim "Hammers of Doom"-Festival in Würzburg und veröffentlichten ein paar Monate später die Single-CD "Labyrinth of Emptiness". Knapp zwei Jahre später begann Bruno Masulli mit den Aufnahmen für ein komplettes Album mit dem Namen "The Shadow Tower" und veröffentlichte eine Preview-CD "MMXI"


Website: http://www.holy-martyr.com/

The roots of Holy Martyr go back in the first months of 1994, under the initiative of the singer/guitarplayer Ivano Spiga. The first name of the band was Hell Forge, but in 1997 the Monicker changed in Holy Martyr, inspired from a song of the Cult Band Omen. In 2001, after some problematic changes in the line up, the band became a solid and united Combo with the former Ivano Spiga at the guitar, Carlo Olla (lead guitar), Alex Mereu (Vocals), Andrea Mucelli (bass), Giacomo Macis ( drums & percussions). Holy Martyr's style is so far and different from the New European Power Metal Scene of the 90's...the music played is a derivation from the classic metal of bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, the impetuosity of the Bay Area Speed/Thrash Metal of (early) Metallica and Agent Steel and the deep Epic veins of Manilla Road, Warlord, Omen, early Fates Warning, early Queensryche and the catchy attitude of bands like Heavy Load and Attack. We are proud to consider ourselves an Underground Metal band after eight years of activity, we have some old ’homemade’ tape but only in 2002 we decided to record a self produced Demo Mini CD entitled ’Hatred And Warlust’, a raw Speed Epic Metal attack with the attitude of the eighties. The cd contains a Cirith Ungol bonus track (Frost And Fire) and it is distributed from ourselves. Actually the band is receiving a lot of enthusiastic comments, appreciations and good reviews.  The band is still working with new songs and planning the record of a new mini cd self financed. This work is a mini concept inspired from the ’Battle Of Termopylae’ (Ancient Hellas-480 B.c.), entitled ’Hail To Hellas’. Holy Martyr does not use keyboards and does not play Symphonic Power Metal, we have no references with the Power Prog Bands and most of all we don't recognize ourselves with the Shitfully Power Epic Metal Scene of the end of the '90's. Holy Martyr never followed, does not follow and will never follow some fucking musical trend. Support us or Hate us.

Website: www.morganalefay.se





In 1989 the Swedish metal band DAMAGE decided to modify


their name to MORGANA LEFAY. The first album "Symphony


Of The Damned" appeared in 1990, self-financed and printed


in only 537 copies.


Here follows a complete biography of the band


from the beginning to present day...






The band DAMAGE was founded by Jonas Söderlind (Drums),


Joakim Lundberg (Bass), Tony Eriksson (Guitar) and


Stefan Jonsson (Guitar).






The former singer of SEPHER JEZIRAH, Charles Rytkönen,


joined the band. Worth to mention is that all the


members of DAMAGE and SEPHER JEZIRAH had known each


other for a long time and had played together in


different constilations.






The band changes their name to MORGANA LEFAY. S.Jonsson


left the band and was replaced by Tommi Karppanen


(Guitar), a companion of C.Rytkönen from the SEPHER JEZIRAH-era.


With this line-up, in 1990 the band released the self-finaced album


" Symphony Of The Damned".






During additional demo recordings (the "Rumours Of Rain" demo)


at FS-Studios, Söderhamn, Sweden. J.Lundberg left the band


due to difference of opinion. His successor was Joakim Heder (Bass).


The superior master quality of this demo tape convinced the label


Black Mark Productions to sign the band. To give the recording an


acceptable total playing time the band added a bonus track that


became the title song of the upcoming album "Knowing Just As I".






The Album "Knowing Just As I" was released and got great reviews


worldwide. In autumn the album "The Secret Doctrine" was recorded


at the Swedish Wavestation L.A Studios. Engineered and mixed by


Ulf Peterson. It was released in December followed by a European tour.






Early this year MORGANA LEFAY played at the Swedish Metal Music Awards,


the so called "Zeppelin Gala". In April they made their first promotional


video entitled "Rooms Of Sleep". T.Karppanen sadly left the band in June


and was replaced by FANTASMAGORIA's P.Grehn (Guitar) to ensure a tour


in Finland and gigs at "The Stockholm Water Festival" in Sweden and the


" PopKomm Festival" in Cologne, Germany. Peter then returned to his


band FANTASMAGORIA. The empty spot was taken by Daniel Persson (Guitar),


former member in local act SHOTGUN ALLEY (currently member of BABYLON BOMBS).






The third album "Sanctified" was released and got raving reviews.


The band headed for Europe again, now as a part of a festival tour together


with CEMETERY, MEMENTO MORI and TAD MOROSE. The videos "To Isengard" and


" In The Court Of The Crimson King" was released and the band went on a


headline tour in Sweden. The compilation "Past, Present,Future", also


containing four new tracks, was released and at the same time the band


toured Europe once again, this time supporting GAMMA RAY.


Recordings for the next album began in October.






The album "Maleficium" was released and the new title track video was getting


high rotation on various TV channels.






First headliner tour across middle Europe, supported by the US band




A new compilation album, "Fata Morgana" was released.


It contained the bands faster songs.


J.Heder, D.Persson and J.Söderlind left the band, moving to Stockholm.


P.Grehn (guitar) returned to the duo Eriksson/Rytkönen with his


FANTASMAGORIA friends Mikael Åsentorp (bass) and Robin Engström (drums).






Under the name of LEFAY (modified for legal reasons),


the band recorded the album "The Seventh Seal",


now signed to the label of Noise Records.






" The Seventh Seal" was a big success. The album was released early


during a European tour with NEVERMORE (US), NOCTURNAL RITES (SWE)


and SACRED STEEL (GER). That summer the band made a re-recording of


the "unofficial" debut album "Symphony Of The Damned".


The band played at the "Wacken Open Air" festival in Germany.






The band entered the Soundcreation Studios, Bollnäs, Sweden to record


the concept album "...---..."(SOS). Engineered by Per Ryberg, later mixed


by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman, Gothenburg, Sweden.






Various festival appearences like the "Bang Your Head" festival in Balingen,


Germany beeing one of the larger ones.


The band headlined the "Lost In Europe" tour supported by ANGEL DUST (GER)


STEEL PROPHET (US) and STORMHAMMER (GER). The co-operation with label


Noise Records ended in Berlin over a cup of coffee and a biscuit with a bitter taste.






The band took a long vacation, but the addiction to play resulted in various


stray-gigs in Sweden. Mikael Åsentorp left the band due to difference of opinion.


He was replaced by Fredrik Lundberg (bass) former DIVINE SIN, FANTASMAGORIA,







The idea of a new album is taking form. Alot of rehearsals and brainstorming


leads to the idea of a concept album. The working title is "Grand Materia".


The band signs a new deal with their old label Black Mark in September.


Leaving the past behind the band is once again MORGANA LEFAY.


A funny idea of a homevideo is getting real. One song "HOLLOW" is recorded


in October for that purpose. With the help of some really good friends


and a budget of 500 000 Skr they create the most proffessional video in


the history of music!






The band release the Grand Materia album in the spring and go for a european


tour supported by German acts Mind Crime and Lanfear. Morgana Lefay perform at


a lot of festival gigs during the summer and fall.






After the gig at the Chicago Powerfest in April Robin leaves the band. He is


replaced with Pelle Åkerlind (Lednote, Bloodbound, Rocktools).


Morgana Lefay continue playing at different festivals and events and start


working on new material for an upcoming album. They enter Studio Soundcreation


in September to record the new album “Aberrations of the mind”. It’s planned to


be released in Mars 2007 followed by a european tour.